Near death experience

My dad is dying. My dad has been in the process of dying for over half a year now. It has been very hard.

I do not approve of this whole dying thing at all. Parents are supposed to live forever, but I was actually getting used to the horror of having my dad dying. Except that now it is all of a sudden imminent. His situation turned worse over the course of last week and it has reached the limit.

I realise this is an intensely personal thing, but after careful deliberation, I have chosen to share this with the world, because I think it is vitally important to get rid of the taboo.

My dad’s suffering has now become unbearable and he is opting for euthanasia.

Fortunately, this is (as yet) a very civilised country, and I am and always have been incredibly grateful that we legalised euthanasia.

So, tomorrow, an independent physician will come to confirm that my dad’s suffering is indeed unbearable and there is no way to make it better. This is part of the procedure. After that, the process of actively terminating his life can be set in motion. As you can imagine, the rules are very strict. Which is good, I mean: you don’t want people to get forcibly tossed out of life by impatient relatives: horrid scenarios can be envisioned. Not so, of course, in this case.

I am intensely grateful that the truly horrendous suffering of my dearly beloved dad is coming to an end, in dignity, and by his own decision. His final and fully autonomous decision.

But God (yes, we believe in God, and no, we do not think this is wrong: quite the contrary), I am going to miss him so terribly.

For now, I can still say I have the bestest dad in the world.

Love you, dad.