Delightful Kurdish Dudes Dancing

Update November 25, 2010. Darn. They removed the youtubes. I would be deeply grateful if someone could dig those up for me again!

A Kurdish friend of mine (thanks Rebeen!) sent me those delightful youtubes of traditional Kurdish music and dancing.
It’s in two parts, watch it here:

Apart from the very, VERY catchy rhythm (and so what if those voices do … grate a bit), this bit of music and dancing cheers me up for a number of reasons:

  • The sheer joy with which those guys engage in their dancing
  • The sheer seriousness with which those guys engage in their dancing
  • Look at those shoulders shaking about! they are really INTO it
  • And how they are, let’s say, very well fed, and yet happily engage in a stiff quarter of an hour of exercise with abovementioned cheer and and earnesty
  • Those white shoes under those baggy trousers! Stylish and delightful!
  • Those mustaches are authentic and not offensive one way or another, thank heavens (and if you have no clue what I am talking about, so much the better)
  • The shawl that gets waved about on both ends, it’s serious business, but also very cheerful!
  • Anyone can join, apparently, just follow the steps
  • There may be some sexism (only this one woman!) but certainly no agism
  • It’s kind of nice how those three singers harmoniously share those two microphones

Well, it just cheers me up to no end and makes me want to learn this dance, including the waving about of that shawl.

I’d actually need to cultivate the belly 😀 (nah, not doing so, but you know, the idea is nice)

Now only to know what on earth they are singing, I have no clue (nor does Rebeen). Anyone?