Turning an old gel wrist pad into the ultimate lint remover

In a world where everything is cultivated and technologised, it’s still possible to make discoveries. I will share with you my great discovery that old gel wrist pads make for great lint removers.

I have been using gel wristpads ever since a nasty bout of repetitive strain injury. I like straightforward uncurved lycra covered wrist pads, and they last two to three years, and then the lycra sort of disconnects from the gel and starts to crease, which is annoying when you type. That is when it is time to replace them.

I have found that it is not that easy to come by the ones I like, so I generally order two, because, as you know, I like to have spare things.

Because I tend to be a bit curious, at some point I dismantled an old gel wrist pad to see what that gel is like. Well, it’s sticky as hell! After some consideration, I realised this is extremely useful. Watch and learn.

First, order a gel wristpad (or two) and use it until it needs to be replaced.
Ordering new wristpads has in the past proven to be no simple feat, and this time too, I had the weirdest hard time to just get two straight lycra covered gel wristpads. I ordered them July 11, I got them today. Not the ones I ordered, but it’s too long a story.

Anyway, here some pictorial evidence of the gel wristpads having arrived:

Yes, yes, that was a bit of a ridiculously large box, but the cats appreciate it.

Now, let’s turn to the hapless victim: the worn out wrist pad. Here it is.

Now peel off the lycra and the foam layer underneath it etc, it’s a bit messy, because the foam tends to be a bit crumbly after those years of supporting your wrists.

Congratulations! You made it this far!
Now cut the gel slug you released into bits of handy size:






Very sticky! And this is what you can do with it: remove lint. Behold a pillow case covered in spare cat fluff, before and after applying your hand sized slug of gel:







Well spotted, now you have a fluff covered slug and it does have a limit to how much lint it can hold on to. But the beauty is, you can just wash it off under the tap with a bit of hand soap!







Leave to dry, unless you have a lintfree towel, of course.

So what you do is you cut off a nice little piece, put it in a plastic bag and stick that in a nook of your briefcase. You will never suffer a lint problem on the road again.

You’re welcome.

Here’s another use of the Wristpad Gel Slug™ which I rather like:

And my dad uses a piece to turn pages, as his fingers can’t feel the paper not that well anymore.

Endless possibilitehs 😀


One thought on “Turning an old gel wrist pad into the ultimate lint remover

  1. Anyone would think you were related to an engineer . . . 😉

    You’re doing better than me: I usually just get as far as not throwing things away in case they might be useful, whereas you’ve progressed to (or always been at?) the stage of actually doing the useful thing,

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