Sentenced to fingerfood

What I would normally do on my birthday is to take my parents out for dinner. Of course, now that my dad’s entire stomach is removed including the 9 cm tumor in it, that is not a fun option anymore.

When I heard that his stomach had to be removed I was stunned. I didn’t know you could live without a stomach, I thought he would have to be tube fed for the rest of his life. On top of the nasty polyneuropathy he’s dealing with, that would just be too awful. So I googled like mad to find out about living without a stomach and was amazed! One of the very inspiring stories I read was that of Hans Rueffert, (interview was here, but I don’t think the link works at the moment), a chef who lost half of his stomach and esophagus to cancer. He wrote a cookbook, Eat Like there is No Tomorrow. When my dad survived the operation and got home again, I ordered it and gave it as a present to my parents, thanking them for all the tomorrows we already had since the operation and very grateful for all the ones to come.

Now, exactly 3 weeks after the operation, my dad can eat and drink practically anything, but in small quantities. Also, it is recommended that what he eats has more proteins and fat in order for him to stay on weight. Of all the nasty things that have happened to my dad, this particular side effect is not one the worst at all.

So I will be off to my parents to celebrate, and bring a very nice bottle of wine and some of the most rich fingerfoods I could think of :D. Of course, since I have been working at losing weight in earnest for the past 10 months now, I didn’t really have to think long 😛

So here goes:

  1. Obtain pancakes. I am lazy, so I get them ready made from the supermarket.
  2. Obtain stuff to fill them with. Anything will do as long as you have something that sticks to the pancake. Here’s what I did this time:
    – I blended grated Gouda cheese, chicken sausage and cream into a nice paste, added spring onions for decoration
    – Cream cheese, topped with smoked salmon, and some freshly cut chives
    Other options:
    – Soft blue cheese (magor works well, or just blend blue cheese with creamy stuff yourself) and chopped up dried dates
    – Hummus and sliced olivesYou get the idea!
  3. Make sure you have the filling at hand.
  4. Check your pancakes to see if you can roll them without them breaking. Particularly cheaper ready made pancakes have a tendency to be a tad brittle when cold and so they break when you roll them, which is useless. It is not that bad if you happen to have the breaking kind, normally, just putting them in the microwave for 10 seconds or so allows them to be rolled without breaking. Don’t make them so hot that your filling melts!
  5. Now, put down one pancake, and spread whatever sticky stuff you chose on the entire pancake, making sure it touches the edges very well.

    See here is the paste I made of chicken, cream and cheese:

  6. Then add some spring onion (or whatever), and roll the pancake as tight as possible.
  7. If you have a thick filling, like the smoked salmon, put it mostly to one side, the inside of the roll, to prevent the roll from unrolling (that is also why you need a sticky agent, the cream cheese in this case).
  8. Cut off the sides which are obviously not as tight as the middle, because they will never be good rolls.
  9. Eat the cut offs straight away.
  10. (No seriously, you need to make sure that what you’re making tastes well, of course!)
  11. Put the rolls together tightly in a container and put it in the fridge for a while so that they get the chance to stiffen up a bit.
  12. With a sharp knife, cut into neat little rolls.
  13. Serve!

Now I am hungry! So I am off to my parents 😀


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