Who’s responsible for this death?

A bit of an interesting turn of affairs here in the Netherlands.

This last Saturday, a car took off without paying from a petrol station at the highway after filling up.

The Police were in hot pursuit, and created a traffic jam further down the highway in order to make the perpetrators stop.

The driver didn’t see the traffic jam in time and crashed into the back end of the traffic jam, killing the 35 year old driver of the car he ran into.

The driver and his passenger were wounded but not severely, the driver will be sued for attempted manslaughter.

I think the police were wrong to create the traffic jam as it endangered innocent people (and God knows how many people got really inconvenienced because of this ineffective traffic jam) and resulted in the loss of an innocent life.

Surely, the fleeing driver was culpable, but this loss of life would not have happened if the police hadn’t artificially endangered people’s lives.

Your thoughts?


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