The sad similarities between the Gaza Massacre and 9/11

Ok, so here’s a big bee in my bonnet.

Gaza, which is Palestinian soil, has been cut off since the brutal and hostile takeover by Hamas. Hamas are bastards, their methods, when they took over Gaza, were horrendous. They brutally murdered people opposing them, they just maimed and slaughtered anyone that put a foot wrong. And then Israeli government retaliated with the closing off of Gaza.
In my conversations with people, I have learned that most people do not have a good grasp of what is happening. Gaza is a tiny strip of land, 40 by 10 kms, on average, and 1.5 million people live there. That’s over 4.000 people per square kilometer (for a bit of an idea, look here, worldwide, it’s about a tenth of that per square kilometer.
Now, we have this current conflict. There was a ceasefire. However, rockets kept being launched from Gaza into Israel. I am actually not sure if the location those rockets were fired into were actually legitimate Israelian soil. It is quite likely those feeble qassam rockets were launched into pre-1967 palestinian grounds (and since when is it illegal to fire rockets into your own grounds?). But the number of rockets fired into Israel did drop dramatically. You have to realise that Hamas couldn’t organise a cat fight in a bag if the cats were already in the bag, they are that incompetent, or so I think.
And for some reason, no news source reported the rockets lobbed into Gaza all the time, just one of those things.
But ok, let us assume that Hamas broke the ceasefire, and just let us ignore that the agreement between Hamas and Israel on this particular ceasefire included lifting the sealing off of Gaza.
That’s one of those other things, you know, Gaza has been completely cut off. Hardly anything goes in or out since the sealing off after Hamas took control. Most businesses had to shut down as no raw materials got in and nothing got out either. So factories and businesses shut down. There was no alternative, really. Well, there was Hamas, the guys who took “control” and ceased power over anything coming into Gaza.
Essentially, this is food.
No business, no money, no food, no petrol, not anything (Hamas closed down all internet cafes for being anti islamic and lewd). There also was no way to leave Gaza, because Israel wouldn’t let you get across the border to Israel and also has dozens of ships in the mediterranean, shooting down any vessel that tries to cross. And then there’s the border with Egypt, with all those tunnels you heard about in the news that “are used for smuggling arms”. Yes, yes. Arms. And food. Medical supplies. Everything that Israel wouldn’t let in elsewhere. Babyfood. I am not kidding.
Guess what the main demand is for?
Ok. Leave that for a moment.
So here we have a population of Palestinians who have been greatly let down by their corrupted government led by Arafat for decades. He won the Nobel Peace Prize, you know? Gosh, were those guys ever wrong.
Anyway, those people in Gaza are just like you and me, they want to make a living, feed their families, continue with their lives.
Well, pretty hard after the closing off of Gaza.
The only ones controlling the influx of Anything are those bloody Hamas oppressors. So what do you do? Ok, so, pragmatical as you are, you join them, and you can feed your family again.
So what do we have here? A population almost completely made up of Hamas supporters! And we know for a Fact that Hamas are terrorists!
I want to feed MY family, and would do whatever that takes. Am I lucky that I don’t have to revert to some idiot terrorist organisation for my survival!
And then comes this invasion, ordered by the Israeli government, to attack Gaza.
I said at the beginning of the attack … when will they stop, when they have killed a thousand people?
How naive of me.
They have slaughtered over 1300 Palestinians in this genocide, a third of those women and children. The rest are “Hamas fighters”. Heck, every person ever accepting a loaf of bread from Hamas is considered a “Hamas fighter”.
In the beginning they said that they were warning people before airstrikes, with pamphlets, to leave their residence.
How noble.
Do you have any idea how one transports a family of say, 8, 10, 15, across roads that have been blown to smithereens years ago? How do you move people, if you do have a car but haven’t had any petrol for it in well over a year, because of the blockade? and where do you GO? That area is way overpopulated. Which place is safe?
Now, we know that no place was safe in Gaza. Not even UN buildings (Do I need to mention the illegal use of of phosphorous?).
Those warnings were a farce.

Ok, but the point I wanted to make was this, really.
The current genocide of the Palestinians has triggered mass protests around the world against …. well this is the point:
Not mainly against the current Israelian government, but against jews.
No matter the enormous amount of Jews who abhor and detest the actions of the Israelian government against the Palestinians: this vicious crime has sparked a wave of hatred agains ALL jews, all over the world.
The scale of this vile polarisation is huge. Even journals I used to think were authoritative in the Netherlands have added to the mindless rhetoric: if you are against the Israelian military actions against the people in Gaza you are a) antisemitic and b) pro Hamas.
I am shocked at this.
The Israelian government does NOT represent all the jews in the world at all.
It doesn’t even represent all the zionists in the world.
And I am bold enough to say that the Israelian government does not represent the majority of the Israelians in the world, 20% of them at least not even being jewish.
If Israel has the right of existence, sure, it has a right to defend itself and make its people feel safe, the original object of the zionists. But it forgets that the Palestinians, equally, have the right to be safe.
Anyway, I am drifting from my main point, to which I am getting now.

When 9/11 happened, the world got divided between muslims and non muslims. All muslims suffered because of the few deluded idiots that planned and executed 9/11. Since 9/11 as a muslim, you will have to insanely defend your right to exist, and you have to prove ad nauseam that you are not a terrorist.
Al Qaeda is equivalent to the Israelian Government, both deliberately planning and executing the obliteration of innocent people.
Neither Al Qaeda nor the Israeli government represents all muslims or all jews.
The retaliations for both events, world wide, do focus on all muslims and jews.
All muslims, as well as all jews, are made responsible for those horrible massacres, while most of them by far have nothing to do with it.

And now it gets tricky, because there are more similarities.
We didn’t see any mass condemnations of 9/11 by large muslim communities (I didn’t, did I miss anything?)
And we don’t see any mass condemnation of the Gaza massacre by large jewish communities either.

So this is a very sad thing.
Neither 9/11 nor Gaza had anything to do with religion, and yet it has in both cases led to extremist flares of racial hatred against muslims and jews.
And the bad thing is that it’s not just extremists who all of a sudden turn to a racist view on either jews or muslims, or both. It is just flaring wildly. And it’s insane.
This is not about religion, AT ALL.
This is about extremist hotheaded idiots, thinking that if they bully just a little bit more, they will win.

Violence just breeds more violence.
Those are punks, schoolyard bullies, messing up our civilisation, and we are letting it happen.
Here in the Netherlands, Jewish schools and Synagogues all of a sudden have fallen victim to arson. Mainly by Moroccan youths. It is not as if those kids generally have ever done anything for the plight of the Palestinians!

To my relief, there are so many Israelis (jewish as well as non jewish) who are completely opposed to the atrocities of the Israelian government, and the soldiers too, they are victims of their own regime.

The similarities are just shocking. And the reactions are equally shocking, and it is even more shocking that the people involved don’t even realise how similar their situation is.

The only thing I can do here, is to say, oppose this. Stop the massacre, stop the schism. This is not a religious debate, this is not about jews versus muslims. This is not about jews and christians against muslims. This is about greedy disgruntled warmongering juveniles against other greedy disgruntled warmongering juveniles.

There are people living there, wanting to just go on with their lives. Get educated, get married, have a family, things like that. They deserve to live their lives without their idiot leaders imposing war on them.
I think they have a right to. And I think it is the duty of all of us to make sure these people can exercise their right to peacefully exist.

A brief overview of the conflict, by Avi Schlaim
Jewish peace organistation B’Tselem
Human rights in Gaza and Israel
Jews for Justice for Palestinians
plain facts about Israel
The Israel lobby
International Jewish Anti Zionist Network


8 thoughts on “The sad similarities between the Gaza Massacre and 9/11

  1. Long but worthy words from you Saskia. I could hear you, saying them loudly! And they carried the scream and thirst for truth and justice for those people who lost their beloved ones, and who are thriving their ways through this harsh and difficult life, hoping not to lose their lives too. What happened and happens in Gaza is so saddening and sickening at the same time. And indeed, it is not religious, no matter how they tried to make it look so, it is far away from any religion on this earth. It is rather a game, a war game, being run by a bunch of people who think in nothing but one thing: How to destroy your enemy. And the word “enemy” has the widest usage in their sick minds.
    Hamas calls its self an Islamic resistance movement. They established themselves in 1980s so as to make sure the fight against the occupants (Israel) is alive and nonstop. They are among other factions and parties and movements that exist in the arteries of Palestinian people. Those people and parties are dreaming in one thing, sing one song: the return of their stolen homelands. On the melody of this song, those parties, including Hamas, always perform their own songs of fight and recruiting and claiming power! And Hamas is the one that takes that melancholy song to the religious side, and they push it to the extreme. And for middle-eastern Muslim, religion is a very deep and serious issue, mainly and unfortunately in the outer shells rather than in the core of religion. Religion should bring you peace to your mind, tranquility to your heart, and sensation of satisfaction in your soul. But for middle-easterner typical Muslim, religion brings him honor, power, supremacy, domination, virility and authority, or at least, that’s what he thinks.
    On the other hand, Fatah is the party that is more like mafia operated! And they were singing on the song of self-interest, liberty, feudality at times. It was started by the Nobel Prize winner Arafat also as a part of “Palestinian Liberation Organization”, and they lead the fight, too, to liberate the stolen land! And they ended being in chief positions, including being the head and the government of the Palestinian people after the negotiations of Madrid and the Oslo agreement.
    Israel was very, very!! generous at those negotiations! After a struggle of 45 years! They gave the Palestinians a “promise!” to give them 10% of their land! Fatah accepted that! Hamas refused that! People chose peace, they went with Fatah!, and thus! Fatah was in control (1993-2000). However, during those times, Hamas did not accept neither liked what Fatah was doing, and thus, Hamas continued fight against Israel, and that was good in the eye of the occupied population.
    To prove that the choice of peace was worthy, the people waited to see what can Israel give them, and they gave them the center or towns in West Bank and Gaza (12% of Promised Land). And then! Fatah waited, and waited, and then waited, and during the time they waited all that waiting, Fatah became so much corrupt and vile, even against their own people. On the other hand Israel did not fulfill the promises they made in Oslo. Israel neglected all UN resolutions or agreements, Thus, the people saw a light in making another round of fight against Israel (2000-2005) and lots of blood were shed in both sides!
    During all this! The world (UN, US and Europe, Russia = Quartet) was just watching the people being killed every day. They were watching it as a long sad but boring movie! The Palestinians were killed in dozen per day, and the Israelis were suffering too, and in return Israel started to make the life of Palestinians very difficult: Checkpoint! Military points! Separating walls, incursions, and more killing. And then suddenly, those of Quartet had a brilliant idea! Why don’t we make an election for the Palestinian people and let them decide which way to go?
    Then there was an election! And that election was under the patronage and care of Europe, US, Russia and UN! (The so called quartet). The Palestinian people elected Hamas, because they thought they were cleaner than Fatah, and they indeed were! Then! US, Europe, and to a limit Russia, saw that this was ugly! How can those people elect what once was called “terrorists”? So, they (US, UN and Europe!) worked on bringing that democratically elected government to failure, and so did the Fatah party with its executive power. The plan was simple: Externally, the world (US-Europe) will boycott Hamas and freeze all financial means. And Internally, since the executive power was in the hand of Fatah, therefore, any resolution Hamas government would issue will not likely to be executed! Thus Hamas will fall down! Elegant plot from a civilized world!
    To ensure its survival! Hamas started forming its executive power (policemen) so that they can impose their laws! And there the clashes began! The fight between Hamas and Fatah took place in Gaza (2006-2007) And ended by Hamas expelling Fatah leaders off the Gaza Strip! It was brutal? Yes! It was stupid? Maybe! It was foolish? maybe! After this! Hamas had full control over Gaza! And they controlled everything in that strip!
    To show that Hamas is in full control over things in Gaza, they wanted to control the direction of the fight against Israel, so, they (Hamas) declared temporal ceasefire with Israel, so as to make room for a progress in the “already liberated Gaza” as they called it. That ceasefire for Hamas was nothing but further preparations just to be ready to front Israel. And during that ceasefire, other parties were sporadically launching explosive-filled pipes against the “stolen land” which is populated by Israelis, and as a consequence, these militia groups were exposed to “military wrath operations” from the Israeli Army, which of course never spared a moment to assassinate “leaders of resistance” for these parties that stood next to Hamas. And when it comes to assassinations, Israel is above law. Until the big day when Israel assassinated 7 people in a single day, which was deemed to end the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, and then, a barrage of nearly hundred explosive-filled pipes and several rockets were projectile over Israeli populated towns, Which was an excuse Israel took to end the life of Hamas. And hence the war Saskia talked about in her blog.
    Was that long? I guess so! But this was necessary to put make things clearer. And as you see, it is not religious at all, but rather, it is more like a game, and every party takes the game to its side, not thinking in what happens to the poor people. And those uneducated poor people, who has their loved ones killed in front of their eyes, will turn to be the fuel that is used by those parties to promote “more challenging adventures” in that game of war.

  2. So many well-made points in this post. It’s not just 9/11 and Gaza, I think, these mistakes are common whenever war occurs: holding all people related to the country/community responsible, and forgetting that there are live, innocent people wh have been dragged into war.

    I think what the first half of the 20th century taught us (ok, actually, history has always been teaching us this, but the two wars taught this more horrifyingly and closely than ever) was that war is cruel. I think the UN’s efforts are thwarted by some countries believing that happening to live on a particular piece of land is a valid reason for murder. I think what shone out in every sentence of your post was how the actual people staying in Gaza are affected by this pointless carnage.

    The Analogy stands well. Once again we see the convenient morality of the US.

    I’m sorry if the comment sounds hotchpotch and makes no new points. I get angry every time I realise how helpless everyone, including the UN, is in such a openly genocidal situation. Humans certainly have a long wya to go yet, we even lack basic reason and empathy.

    But, what will happen of the Palestinians now? Does there a thing called Justice exist? In war? How fair will it be to the Israelis, if it does?

  3. Rereading it (and having removed some errors!) I think I should underline that I think that the killing of civilians is absolutely wrong. This does apply to Hamas lobbing rockets into Israel. What I meant with Hamas being poor organisers is that I am not sure the rockets lobbed into Israel were something they actually had control over. Still wrong though.
    Thank you for your elaborate response, Mahmud, it does make things clearer. I had hoped for the sake of brevity (ha!) to just focus on the current conflict, but it is of course not reasonably possible to isolate it.
    The meddling with the elections and the ensuing drama when aid was withheld from Palestine deserves a post of its own. I learned a lot from this article in Vanity Fair. It really makes you wonder.
    As to your post Anonick, I get as mad as you do, hence this post, I guess! And regarding the torpedoing of resolutions targeting Israel (well over 60 did get through, to preciously little avail), I was rather astonished by this article. I can’t verify it, but it is shocking if it is true.
    Your questions are fair. I wish I could answer them.

  4. i like to think i have many muslim friends as well as a few jewish ones. i, being neither. nor am i a christain. i do have some knowlege of conflict. i agree with sas, that there is a certain childish element at work here, on both sides of the conflict. sadly the children play with some pretty violent toys and care little who gets hurt by them. these conflicts are usually done for the news value. and a few crying women and a few crying kids and the odd mangled body are the fodder of the nightly news. i suppose this will continue until the people get sick of it. when this happens hopefully cooler heads will prevail. i know they are out there. a persons religion should not be the final answer.

  5. Inequities are in abundant supply. Wars are fought for stated religious reasons, when in fact it is for greed. Israel greedily TOOK arab lands and now wish to eradicate all arabs. Simple story. If it weren’t for world opinion, this would have been accomplished long ago……Sadly

  6. Abu al-Qasem al-Shabi the incredible Tunisian poet once wrote a story of a lark.

    The lark, being radiant with the love of life, goes on singing for love and life, but the holy snake doesn’t find that amusing.

    The snake decides to eat the lark simply because it can. the lark goes on singing for help, for justice, for equality. the snake tells him to lay it off and join his holy body, no one was going to help out the lark.

    that’s when the lark realized

    لا عدل إلا إن تعادلت القوى و تصادم الإرهاب بالإرهاب

    it’s so sad I can’t convey the lyrical value of this, but it says; justice and equality can only take place when powers are equal, and when the terrorism is faced down by terrorism.

    this is for those frustrated with their faith in justice.

    hehe… one day I’m going to write about the right of existence, Campa. I think you’ll find it amusing.

    loving the blog:D

  7. Ahhhh, Campa you and I agree on so much it is evident. I am saddened by the fact that NEITHER Hsmas nor Israeli Gov’t will stop their campaigns. It is destined to go on forever I fear.

    The post from BEDOUIN above is TYPICAL…Terrorism can only be faced down by terrorism…See?…these people are a BLIGHT on humanity and should be IRRADICATED…

  8. eradicated? heh… may be I was right after all:P.

    it does sound sad. but I can’t think of an example where peace took place between unequally terrorist partners, can you? I honestly “need” to find one. may be I’ll cease to be so bitter.

    but it’s always been about the balance of terrorism, hasn’t it? that is a non-euphemism for balance of power. and the balance doesn’t exist in here.

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